Howdy, Bernina owners – present and prospective

After six years of service to the Bernina-using community, the founder of this site was ready to retire from it, so put out a call on the PatternReview forums for a new administrator. I offered to take it over, so here we are. I just got my first “own” sewing machine this month as a very late Christmas/40th birthday present and went for the Bernina 480. So far, I’m loving it, and trying to restrain myself from prodding the internal computer too much.

When not playing with my new toy and marveling at how much decent, salvagable fabric really is in a lot of clothing and home textiles, I’m helping software developers at a big German auto parts manufacturer deal safely, reliably and economically with the cloud – Azure as our main cloud provider and Kubernetes as our main platform, but with an eye on the rest of this wildly-expanding market; before that, I was a systems administrator specializing in Skype for Business, Active Directory and ActiveRoles Server. If any of that that sounds familiar to you, might be of interest. If it doesn’t, it probably won’t be.

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A word from the original site creator…


On this site you’ll find a large variety of valuable resources helpful to the Bernina owner and also those who are thinking of buying a Bernina. I’ve collected these resources over the years and thought it would be a great way to share them.

I love my Bernina!  I’ve been a Bernina owner since 2010. The Bernina quality is in every  machine they make, whether it is a lower-end machine or TOL. I currently have the 720E. In May 2016, I down-graded from the 830E after 4 1/2 years.  I was concerned about high repair costs after the 5-year computer warranty was up and when I received a trade-in offer too good to pass up, I traded in my beloved 830 for the 720E.  I admit I miss some things about my 830 (the large screen for sure!), and in some aspects, it was hard to go from a TOL to a lower end machine, but I don’t regret my decision. The 720 fits my sewing needs quite well.

Update August 2017: My dealer was able to find me a brand new in-the-box 830 from Bernina. Imagine that! So, I’m trading the 720E for another 830E! This time, I plan on keeping it even after the computer warranty is up; although I’ve learned never to say never to upgrading in the future 🙂

Update May 2020: I am no longer doing updates to this site.

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Happy Sewing!